Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Morning Light

This is the first of a series of sleepers, the largest, and one of the more introspective.
Once again, I contrasted black and white, with color. Contrasted 2 patterns of two cooler complementary colors, with a large area of one warm, contrasted delicate lines, with bold. Contrasted round geometrics, with razor straight. Contrasted happy sunshine, with lonely melancholia. Contrasted flat symplification and abstraction of the human figure - with one small, expressive, detailed and multidimensional area: the sole of the foot.

I like it.
And was afraid of reactions.
And have waited several weeks till I posted it.
I mean - I'm a JUDAICA artist. Will this surprise my clientèle?

Still working on it.
I grayed out some areas, and made the image more comprehensible and coherent. Never underestimate the POWER of grey.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Still Unnamed

I experimented with the pallet knife. I always use a long narrow one, but I found that the wide ones, both big and tiny, gave me the desire effect.
It it done?
I'm debating whether to add some sort of visual arrow, pointing in from the bottom right corner, cutting across the 3 parallel leaves.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Well, it doesn't have a name yet.

(Why does it need a name? Kinda presumptuous. I guess it's to keep the gallery owners from getting confused. So the price list makes sense.)

Anyway, this is my HUGE Black and White Pomegranates Painting.

And just to proove how much I've been working at it - or to view the way my Devious Design Mind works, I'm posting a progress report.

It ain't done yet.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Black and White and Red All Over
Final Version.
While the colors in this post, are perhaps a bit too blue, they are more accurate than the golden cast made by the halogen lighting in the previous post.
Photoshop for both of them.