Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gouache 26 x 36 cm, by Chanan Mazal
Once again, I used my recurring symbols of olive trees, the round, teraced Judean Hills, the walls of Old Jerusalem and a flat yellow-orange sky, to experiment with patterns rhythms and enlivening musty colors. Alas, even after photoshopping, the colors are off.)
ציור גואש מקורי של חנן מזל, ירושלים
Ink Drawings
25 years ago, I knew that that india ink was my medium, but never devoted myself to it. I find the expressiveness of the flexible quill, and the warm black washes, to be close to my soul. And it is much less expensive than psychotherapy.
Back then, in my foolish youth, I used rapidographs - fixed thickness technical pens, for drawing. How awfull!

The model was set up by others in my drawing class and had a lot of drama: A somewhat androgynous wooden doll ( I made it more girlish) an rather overly macho plaster cast, and an umbrella handle.

My first ever drawing using white ink. Next time I will dilute the ink more. I wanted to redarken sections with black ink - but ran out of time.