Monday, June 30, 2008

Sampler, Layer Two
Oil over acrylic, 70 x 80 cm
What fun using masking tape!

Olive Tree
עץ הזיתֿֿ

Acrylic, January 2007, 70 x 80 cm.
This was my first canvas this large, and I approached the fabric with awe. Painting it was a real learning experience, and very gratifying. I learned the advantages of the paint, which can be lyered over and over, but has a poor covering quality as compared to gouache, with which you was get nice strong graphic shapes, as I wanted in the leaves, and as I was soon to learn with oil paints, which are so much richer. But only acrylic can allow the wonderful three dimensional work, such as I did in the tree trunk. I used modeling paste. And the pattens on the bottom. In oil, I would have to wait forever for each layer to dry.