Thursday, November 27, 2008

Paris Streetmap
Oil, 70 x 80 cm
Reworked from an older "sampler" type painting. I had randomly, rapidly painted branches of pomegranates, and then placed a grid of masking tape over it. Each rubric was over-painted differently. But as usual, I didn't know when to stop, and the result was riotous and overly colored - but with no true color investigation. Yesterday, I worked and scratched, painted and etched, until the rays of khaki appeared, defining my Paris Boogie Woogie

Monday, November 24, 2008

Commissioned Painting

After making many revisions, I am quite happy with the color balances and harmonies, the naive perspective and the clarity of the pattern filled surfaces.

Most of the interesting shades were created by combining opposite colors, especially sap green with carmine, and Naples yellow with purple. Actually, a bit of Naples yellow in everything. In the final version, I used metalic colors sparingly.

The Hebrew lettering remains to be applied. The painting was commissioned in memory of a lovely woman, who died suddenly in the prime of her life. The sellected verses reflect her noble character and values.