Monday, November 24, 2008

Commissioned Painting

After making many revisions, I am quite happy with the color balances and harmonies, the naive perspective and the clarity of the pattern filled surfaces.

Most of the interesting shades were created by combining opposite colors, especially sap green with carmine, and Naples yellow with purple. Actually, a bit of Naples yellow in everything. In the final version, I used metalic colors sparingly.

The Hebrew lettering remains to be applied. The painting was commissioned in memory of a lovely woman, who died suddenly in the prime of her life. The sellected verses reflect her noble character and values.


Hillary Miller said...

so nice to see your new work! Can't wait to see what the writing will do for the piece. I love the patterns and textures!

Robin Neudorfer said...

I love this painting. The colors, the subject, the composition. I am pulled into the story and am ready for the gathering.

mazalart said...

Thanks Hillary and Robin!
I painted this piece with surprising self doubt. Perhaps because it was commissioned in a sad situation, and I was paralyzed by my self expectations. Robin, what you wrote about being "ready for the gathering" is what I had most hoped to convey. Once again, thanks for letting me know that I succeeded.