Monday, June 30, 2008

Sampler, Layer Two
Oil over acrylic, 70 x 80 cm
What fun using masking tape!


Jeanette said...

I just found your blog via Michael Newberry's blog and I'm glad I visited.

Your paintings are just lovely. I love the intense patterning and colours. I will be back.

mazalart said...

Thanks so much Jeanette! I just visited your wonderful blog to - but there is such a wealth of things to view and read, that I will need more than one sitting to view it all.
Newfoundland! One of my favorite fantasies! I once refueled in Goose Bay, (well I guess that you woun't consider that to be Newfoundland) and that's the closest that I've been. But one other time flew home from New York in the afternoon. The sky was crystal clear from Maine, the Bay of Fundy, PIE (like seeing it in an atlas) St. Pierre et Miquellon, and southern Newfoundland. The light was wonderfully golden, and the low sun made everything 3D. Then it got dark over the Avalon. I had a window seat, for once not over the wing, and sat entranced for hours.