Sunday, March 22, 2009

Layer 4

Layer 8

I have reworked this painting repeatedly. Every so often, my brain tells me that something is logically wrong with the composition, and patiently destroy its passion. They, after 3 sessions of progressively graying it. I though paint at it in a frenzy. These shots were taken after frenzy. It is currently still at Layer 8. I ain't 100% happy with it. I miss some of those black attacks visibly in Layer 4 .... but should I just leave it as it is? If I attack the painting with blue black, will I not know when to stop again?

On Thursday, I started a new one, based on the same little pencil sketch that this one was. I think that I will include the bunch of pomegranates that appear on the lower right of the earlier stages, and some of the curved motion.


Jeanette said...

I like the final layer. Its well balanced.

mazalart said...

Thanks Jeanette!

Haskell said...

Don't get too obsessed, only you know what once was and what could have been, the rest of us see it as it is and it is beautiful